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“I sought treatment from Dr. Karen Korecki in Nov, 2006 for severe night sweats after being unsuccessfully treated by a naturopath for a couple of years. Dr. Korecki was able to balance my hormones and successfully treat my night sweats. She helped me transition through menopause with occasional treatments to keep my hormones in balance without the use of any herbal supplements. I have also had her treat me for various other health issues. I had a very painful hip & had trouble sitting for months; after 1 treatment with Dr. Korecki, the pain disappeared, & my hip is still pain free 5 years later.

She also successfully treated carpal tunnel in my right hand & arm after only 3 treatments. I was also experiencing shortness of breath, irregular heart beat & jaw pain while at work one day. I went to the hospital immediately to be checked but they found no issues with my heart. They had me wear a holter monitor for 24 hours, but no issues were found. Then a few months later (in Nov, 2014), I had chest pains, & had pain in my jaw & down my left arm. I went to the hospital again immediately thinking I was having a heart attack. Once again no issues were found. I went for a subsequent stress test and passed with flying colors. I am not overweight, nor do I smoke, so this was very puzzling for sure. I went to Dr. Korecki and explained what was happening, she did some heart treatments on me, and the symptoms have never recurred.

Dr. Korecki has made me a true believer in acupuncture, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Karen Hagen, True Believer
“Dr Korecki continually impresses me. Over the past few years, I had used her for a few medical problems that I was having and she has come through for me every time. Not only has she alleviated each issue that I have come to see her for, but she has also repaired things that I had just accepted as life and not even complained about. She is kind, caring and genuinely concerned about everyone that comes to see her. I believe that she sincerely wants to improve the quality of life of each of her patients. She is knowledgeable, skilled and intuitive. I have also referred my Girlfriend to her and she is now seeing marked improvement in her general health. I must say that I now consider Dr Korecki to be my first line of intervention and not my last resort. Thank you Dr Korecki.

I recommend Dr. Korecki to anyone that is a disbeliever!

I have thyroid disease and was having trouble with Drs. as they just followed the blood work that I was having done each month. I was feeling ill and Dr Korecki figured out a plan that I followed as time went on I started feeling like a person. I owe her more than these simple words that I can write. Once my daughter saw how awesome I was feeling she decided that maybe she should go. Soon to follow was my husband then my son was last as these two were my disbeliever’s. All of us would be lost without our treatments from Dr. Korecki. “

Sheri Krueger, True Believer
“After being to many health practitioners, both natural and western medicine, I still suffered from intense liver flare ups that could not be diagnosed. Through Dr. Karen’s treatments and precise modalities, I was able to get my life back and begin to enjoy my health once again. She literally saved my life!”
Cheryl Bawtinheimer, Red Deer, AB
“During an acupuncture treatment with Karen I can feel my body working on its own to connect the points she has crafted specifically for me. My body lights up. Used in conjunction with other health practitioners or by itself, her style of acupuncture helps my body to relieve stress, tension, pain, and move into a more relaxed state of being. She uses needles in perfect points on the body to help ease body tension and specific ailments. She is a master at her craft. I’m so stoked to have found ACTCM. Seriously, try it for yourself….”
Danny Semenoff, Nelson, BC
“Dr Karen Korecki is the best Chinese Acupuncturist master and herbalist you’ll ever find outside mainland China. Period.”
Nielson, Happy Client

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