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We Are Here To Serve You

Bright and airy, window’s galore, situated frontal of the “Town Centre Mall” on the main floor, behind the Red Door.

In order to serve you, its important to be patient with regards to any call’s and/or emails to you.

The clinic is busy, time available may be required to answer those important questions and concerns we or you have in order to administer the best healthcare experience for you.

If your insurance company direct bills, you will be covered.

The clinic hours are flexible with the needs of the patients in order to receive the benefit of treatment within your schedule.

Why Are We The Best?

To provide a professional alternative health care system implementing Eastern theory, principles and concepts of a 2000 year old medicine respectively within the realms of Western thinking.
Our philosophy uses the knowledge of a wireless anatomy coupled with an abstract pathology in order to improve and reconstitute order at a cellular level of the human body providing Mind, Body and Spiritual Balance.
To provide you with a clean, safe environment built on the highest professional standards in order to form that partnership with you in healing, promising you confidential, unbiased communication with forthright honesty.

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Services

Chinese Herbal Prescriptions & Diagnosis


Dr. Karen’s Western Medicine and Pharmacology background allow her to work with modern medicine to identify what can and cannot be done, keeping the patients best interest in mind.

Eastern Medicine prevents disease, whereas Western Medicine treats disease.

Prescription and/or Formulation of Traditional Chinese Medicine is specific to patterns after consultation and administered with care. Often these patterns can be shifted and specific with prior application of acupuncture from a Professional Acupuncturist.

Patent Formulations are available for acute disorders and some chronic conditions safely for over the counter usage.

ACTCM Inc. is equipped with a complete on-site KPC granule dispensary providing prescribed formulations of powdered medicine.

Acupuncture & Meridian Therapy


This is a drug-less therapy, working from the inside out.

Where the pain is, is not necessarily where the obstruction is therefore when you come for therapy.  Its just not about the specific as much as its the whole.

All channels are connected and energy runs within these spaces throughout a 24 hour period.

So being that the needles are pulled does not mean your treatment is done.  Special self care is necessary in order for your body to heal.  Your open to heal or your open to injury.  Therefore clinic hours are flexible with the needs of the patients in order to receive the benefit of treatment within your schedule.

As your channels settle of the course of this time period,  change resides, shifts in all of what is talked about in consultation will take place and identified.

You are your own best Doctor and it imperative you bring this valued information back to the clinic in order to define next course of treatment.

Benefits of Acupuncture

  • Boosts circulation and nerve conduction
  • Balance hormone
  • strengthen organ and glandular function
  • improving overall physical, emotional well being.

Electronic Acupuncture


A needle-less, non-invasive therapy using paired German technology and  computerized instrumentation.

This therapy is unique in nature, specific in hard to treat, deeply seeded conditions, such as emotional trauma, often referred to as PTSD.

In a series of treatments it cleans all meridians of vibrational pathogens that cling to the internal body, conscious and unconscious psyche.

Cupping & Moxibustion For Unique Conditions


Moxibustion is a technique where an arrangement of herbs is burned in away to clear and warm channels that are obstructed with an elemental pathogen  such as cold, damp in traumatized areas of the body.  Depending on chosen technique and area administered It draws and strengthens energy, improves blood circulation to areas of deficiency particularily the extremities.

It is often mentioned as a soothing treatment.  Much of moxi-bustion used today is smokeless and gentle in nature.

Cupping is an evasive therapy used only in certain congested conditions drawing stagnant blood, phlegm dampness to the surface of the effected area for elimination within the collateral’s of the meridians.  This allows fresh new blood and energy to the area in order to heal injury or suffering.

Very effective in tough, chronic conditions.

Auricular Diagnosis & Treatment


The whole body resides on the ear connecting directly with the brain,  represents the kidney’s being two, each ruling its side of the body.

Using a small instrumental tester, all the body and parts can be tested for conditions not yet easy to identify.

Medical Doctors in the United States are readily being trained this technique and calling it the ” Chinese MRI” for two reasons.

Efficiency with respect to diagnosis of internal conditions in a timely manner.

When combined with treatment using seeds placed and retained in effected areas of the ear over a period of time using course treatments.

Many disorders, complicated and hard to find conditions can be treated effectively.

Fertility, Gyneceology & Pediatrics

fertility pediatrics

Fertility, Menapause,  and period disorders….are all part of this category.

Many cases can  be complicated patterns where herbal therapy is often necessary for long term success.

Not so much what I do as much as what we do together , this alone can be life changing.

Children often have simple patterns and are quick to respond.  Bedwetting, colic, anxiety and acute conditions can be relieved.

Not always easy for fear of the unknown is to be expected.  However with trust, parental cooperation and understanding of the chosen therapy often brings the success.

Internal Medicine

internal medicine

The meridians own and control organs, their vitality and life span. Long term obstruction in these channels can eventually impair healthy function of its paired organs causing acute disorders and then leads into long-term and Chronic disease.

Acupuncture opens and assists these meridians to nourish and remove excess. In conjunction, using Herbal Medicine as the medium to remove, improve and balance existing pathogens causing excess and with regards to deficiency, allows rejuvenation and change in order to improve overall body state.

Again, having the Western Medicine Science and Pharmacology understanding allows me to know what is beyond my treatment protocol. Where Western Medicine Technology and Pharmacology is necessary whether it be temporary or a permanent need of treatment.

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